GIST (Suzhou Global Institute of Software Technology) was founded in March 2007, when it was approved by Jiangsu Provincial Government and put in the records of the Ministry of Education of PRC as a full-time institution of higher education. GIST, managed by Wuzhong Group, possesses 300 teachers (21 professors and 43 associate professors) and about 10,000 students and owns a 500mu (34hm²) campus and 170,000square meter buildings. GIST is one of the target schools for oversea education in Jiangsu and at present has 40 international students. 

GIST is located in the High-Tech Zone in Suzhou, which is adjacent to Shanghai and well-known as the paradise on earth for its convenient transportation, well-developed economy and picturesque environment. In recent years, since the Zone has been devoted to such newly-born high-tech fields as in technology transformation and upgrading, big data and cloud computing, intelligent manufacturing, medical equipment production, modern service and cultural creative industry, innovation centers, research institutes and high-tech enterprises have been swarming to settle down here, thus providing rich resources and a unique regional advantage for GIST’s entrepreneurship and employment.