Welcome you to live and study at GIST

To help you adjust to life at GIST (Suzhou Global Institute of Software Technology), please read in details the following handbook for international students.


New Student Enrollment

Registration Documents

Students must enroll within the periods of time stipulated in the letter of admission. JW202 form, and your passport to the International Students’ Service to register.


Physical Examination

If your period of study is to be more than 6 months, after registration you should bring the original form of the “Physical Examination Record for Foreigners”, and all the laboratory records including “HIV, Syphilis, and Hepatitis Examination Reports” to the Suzhou International Travel Health Center (No.738 Changjiang Road) to have them verified. (8:00-11:30)

Note: The procedures at the Suzhou International Travel Health Center will require you to pay an applicable fee. The total set of physical examination costs around 350RMB. This fee is not covered by any scholarship. We really advise you have the physical examination in public hospital and ask the hospital to stamp the bottom of the picture on the form in case the reports will not be admitted in the health center.


Students’ ID Card

You should leave a picture (3*4 cm) to the International Students’ Services, and pick up your student card at the same office after two weeks.


Residence Registration

Students must go to the SND Police Station (No.68 Kunlunshan Road) to register within 24 hours after your arrival in China. Later we will have this service inside school as well.


Students’ Activities

During the semester, different kinds of activities, sport games and information sessions will be organized for international students. We encourage all of you to attend.


Academic Guide

How Semesters are arranged

The academic year at GIST is divided into two semesters: a spring semester and a fall semester.

A semester usually lasts 17-18 weeks. The spring semester usually starts in late February and finishes in early July; the fall semester usually starts in early September and ends in early January.

The summer vacation begins in July, and lasts for about 8 weeks. Due to the different dates of Chinese Spring Festival, the length of the winter vacation is not fixed. It usually lasts about 6 weeks. 

For detailed information, you can consult the International Students’ Services.


National Public Holidays

International students enjoy the same national public holidays as Chinese students. The holiday schedule for the current year can be found in the school calendar on the website. 

Apart from winter and summer vacations, National Public Holidays are:


January 1st               New Year’s Day

April 5th                 Tomb-sweeping Day

May 1st                  Labor Day

Early June               Dragon Boat Festival

September/October       Mid-Autumn Festival

October 1st               National Day



Students must return to school and enroll at the International Students’ Services office at the beginning of every semester.


Attendance and Disciplines

Students should follow the discipline of school. Students should fill in the leave application form to ask for leave through the International Students’ Service to get the permission. A sick leave must be attached with hospital reports. A personal leave must be attached with relevant certifications and written forms.

If a student asks for a sick leave more than one week, he/she needs to get the permission from the director of the school. If it is longer than one month, he/she is suggested to suspend the study.



Visa and Residence Permit


Entrance Visas

International students must possess a regular passport, with a study visa either X1 or X2, to enter China. A UWI-CIIT student should apply for X1 visa. Students with X1 visa must go to SND Public Security Bureau (No. 50 Kepu Road) to apply for a residence permit within 30 days of entering the country.

Students arriving at school with other types of visas must go to the International Students’ Service to receive advice and instructions.

Note: If visas and residence permits expired, you may be subject to a fine. If you are with an X1 type visa, you must change it into residence permit with all necessary documents within 30 days after you enter China.


Residence Permit Application

Required materials are:

1. A passport and passport copies of front page and visa page

2. Copy of admission letter and prove letter of GIST

3. “Application for Visa and Residence Permit” from GIST

4. “Visa/Stay Permit/Residence Permit Application Form”

5. Visa Application for Study in China (JW202) (the yellow one)

6. Residence registration document from the local police

7. Health certificate issued by the Suzhou International Travel Health Center 

8. Fee: 800RMB



Regulations for International Students


9. Abide by the relevant laws and regulations of the Chinese government 

10. Follow the rules and regulations of GIST

11. Respect the social customs and traditions of people from different countries 

12. Respect the teachers and other personnel of the school 

13. Study hard and finish your study tasks diligently

14. Students should respect each other, be friendly and cooperative

15. Respect the sanitary regulations in the dorm and of others in the class

16. Protect and advance friendship between people of every country


Regulations of accommodation

For the safety of your accommodation, please read the following rules and regulations carefully: 

1. The following basic facilities are available in the international students dormitory: private bathroom, basic furniture, electric lamp, air conditioner, refrigerator, television, electric kettle, internet interface and router, public laundry room. In case of failure, please report to the dormitory management room for repair. Students are liable for any damage caused and compensation is required.

2. The international students dormitory is only provided for the international students themselves. Guests cannot stay the night and should leave before 10:00 p.m.

3. It is forbidden to remove the furniture and other facilities in your room. If someone disassembles the furniture and other facilities, she or he needs to replace them or compensate financially for any damages.

4. Students must first apply to the International Students’ Office to change their rooms, and may only do so after consent is given from the International Students’ Office.

5. Please respect your neighbors’ environment and enjoy the facilities quietly.

6. The use of high-power electrical appliances is not allowed in the dormitory. For your safety, under all circumstances, the corridor should be cleared. Please do not obstruct the corridor with any objects or furniture.


Other Regulations

1. China respects and protects freedom of religious belief and all religions are equal. According to Chinese laws, any religious group or followers is not allowed to preach, publicize theism, give out religious leaflets, and publish religious books disapproved by competent authorities. Anyone who violates the laws and regulations will be subject to legal punishment.

2. International students are strictly forbidden to be involved into Alcohol abuse, gambling, fighting, drug use or trafficking, distribution or exhibition of propagating books and tapes. 

3. All the activities of international students should aim at study and friendship instead of interfering with Chinese social order, infringing upon the rights and welfares of other people or endangering the national security and benefits of China.

4. International students’ religions are respected. However, places are not offered to religious activities inside GIST

5. International students cannot take part in part time job or internship unless they get the official permission from the International Office and complete the special visa application.


Services for Everyday Life

Medical Services

School Infirmary on campus provides medical treatment services for both teachers and students. Anyone who feels sick can go to see the doctor.

For serious diseases, students are recommended to go to Suzhou Science & Technology Town Hospital (No.1 LiJiang Road) near campus where doctors are quite skillful and experienced.

Students who have bought the medical insurance in China, inform the International Students’ Service as well as insurance company when going to the hospital for emergent diseases, trying to reduce any unnecessary payment. Students’ own treatment, prescription and hospitalization fees are completely the responsibility of the students. 


Safety Services

Suzhou is a comparatively safe city in China. But you should keep alert in the following situations:

1. You need a secure place to keep your money and passport. Please don’t bring your passport, large quantities of cash or credit cards with you in crowded area.

2. Please ask for payment receipt when taking taxi, having meals in restaurants and shopping, etc.

3. It is suggested not to carry the bag on your back, not to chat much with strangers in the public. Do not believe any message or phone call from the person unknown.

4. If ATM machine does not work, please ask for help from the Bank assistants. Don’t believe in anyone beside you who seems to offer help.

5. Emergency Telephone Numbers:

Public Security Emergency: 110

Fire Alarm: 119

First-Aid Center: 120

Security Office on campus: 0512-68836122


Health Insurance

Students must buy insurance for accidental diseases. You can go to www.lxbx.net to see more detailed information. 


Traveling In China

Students can visit other places in China in their leisure time. When travelling, you must bring your passport and take good care of your identification and valuables.

When selecting a destination, you must choose an area of China open to foreigners. If you have not attained permission, you may not enter the area. Department of Public Security, according to the relevant regulations of “The People’s Republic of China Administration of Foreigners Law”, may penalize you if you ignore the stipulations above.

Note: Travel may only be arranged during the weekends, holidays, summer and winter vacations. You must apply for extra permission to leave from the school during normal class periods.



1. Address of GIST: No.5 Qingshan Road, SND, Suzhou, China

Airport to Campus: 

(1) Shanghai Pudong International Airport to Suzhou Railway Station:

      Take airport shuttle bus from Shanghai Pudong International Airport bus station to Suzhou Railway Station North bus station

(2) Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport to Suzhou Railway Station:

Take Metro Line 10 from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport T1 to Hongqiao Railway Station, and then take High Speed Rail to Suzhou Railway Station

(3) Suzhou Railway Station to GIST campus:

Take No.3 Fast Line (快线3) from Suzhou Railway Station South bus station to Zhongkeyuan Suzhouyigongsuo (中科院苏州医工所bus station and then walk about 5mins to GIST


2. Campus directory of important numbers:

International Students’ Services                 0512-68754872

International Students’ Dormitory                

Security Office on campus                      0512-68836122


3. Entry and Exit Administration branch of SND Public Security Bureau:

Address: No.50 Kepu Road


4. SND Police Station

Address: No.68 Kunlunshan Road


5. Suzhou International Travel Health Center 

Address: No.738 Changjiang Road


6. Suzhou Science & Technology Town Hospital 

Address: No.1 LiJiang Road


7. Bank of China (Science&Technology Town Branch)

Address: No.1 Peiyuan Road

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