School of Information & Software

-Software Technology 

-Mobile Internet Application Technology 

-Computer Network Technology

-Application of Information Security Technology 

-Big Data Technology 

-Computer Application Technology

-Application of Artificial Intelligence Technology

-Digital Media Technology


School of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering

-Urban Rail Operation Management

-Elevator Engineering Technology 

-Electromechanical Integration Technology 

-Industrial Robot

-Drone Aircraft Applied Technology 

-Automobile detection and maintenance technology

-New Energy Vehicle Technology


School of Arts & Architecture

-Movie & TV Cartoon 

-Environmental Art Design

-Visual Communication Design 

-Project Cost

-Architectural Interior Design 

-Public Art Design 

-Digital Media Art Design 


School of International Business


-Big Date & Accounting


-Hospitality Management & Digital Operation

-Tourism Management 

-Air Crew

-High-Speed Rail Passenger Service

-Cross-Border E-Commerce


School of Medicine & Public Service

-Infant Care Service & Management


-Geriatric Health Care & Management

-Health Management 

-Pharmaceutical Trading & Management 


School of Humanity & Social Science 

-Applied English

-Applied Japanese 

-Recreational Sports



International College 

-Software Engineering (Joint Program with the University of the West Indies)