1.  Application Requirements:

Aged 18 or above; Healthy; Legal foreign passport

Supporting documents

1) High School Graduate Certificates and transcripts

2) Passport copy

3) Application form

4) Medical examination report

5) Funding proof

6) Six Large One Inch Photos (3.3mm*4.8mm, white background)

7Application Form of On-campus living for International Students


2. Application Procedure:    

1) Provide supporting documents through emails to the international office

2) The international office will inform the applicant of the admission result by emails after a thorough review of the application and supporting materials has been completed. Results may be 1) Admission without further interview or exams, 2) a requirement of an additional interview, or 3) a requirement of an additional interview and exams.


3.Application Time:

March to May for Fall Semester 

October to December for Spring Semester



15,000RMB per year


5. Contact Information:

The International Office

Tel: 86-512-68754872

Email: twu@gist.edu.cn 


GIST International Student Application Form.docx

Application Form of On-campus living for International Students.docx